Tampa Bay

Retrouvaille of Tampa Bay

Areas Covered: Florida and Alabama

The Retrouvaille of Tampa Bay (ROTB) community falls under the Diocese of St. Petersburg, and serves all of Western Florida and beyond.   Ours is a community with history dating back to 1987, in the early years of Retrouvaille.   Our community went on to help launch many communities throughout the United States, as well as many International communities, including England, Italy, Germany and South Africa.

The Hampton Inn Oldsmar

Our weekends are held in the modern Hampton Inn Tampa Northwest in Oldsmar, which opened in 2013.  The location is extremely central for all residents of Tampa Bay, and easy to get to from just about anywhere.Couples attending our weekends are always welcomed with open arms.  The Tampa Bay volunteers are all extremely passionate about what we do, and helping you make your marriage shine is truly our purpose in life.  We pray that you will reach out and attend one of our programs! If your marriage is in trouble, or even if you need a tune-up, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Upcoming Dates:

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Jul 26, 2019 Tampa Bay, FL - US English Details Register
Nov 8, 2019 Tampa Bay, FL - US English Details Register

What to Expect

The Retrouvaille program begins with the weekend experice, which lasts from Friday evening until early Sunday evening. We provide all meals beginning with Saturday at breakfast, through Sunday at lunch, as well as your room for the weekend. Retrouvaille pays for these meals and accommodations, but if you occur any incidentals at the hotel, those will be up to you.

During the weekend, you and your spouse will learn a new way of communication meant to help break down the barriers in your marriage. You will not be sharing your personal circumstances with anyone else. Instead, you will hear the stories of three couples who have been through the misery stage in their marriage, and have reconciled through the Retrouvaille programs themselves. The three couple are assisted by a priest, who also shares his life struggles. As they tell you their stories, you and your spouse will be given private reflection and discussion time on various topics in your room between sessions.

The weekend experience is followed by seven weekly "Post Sessions", held each Sunday following the weekend, excluding holiday weekends. Each follow-up session lasts four hours, and is a critical compoent to the program, as we use this time to reinforce weekend concepts, dig deeper and help you build a lasting and loving marriage.